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Information management solution for your digital and physical documents

No matter the size of your company, your business records are valuable operationally, financially and legally. But, space constraint and keeping your records securely, accessible when you need them and securely disposing of them when you don't, involves cost and is a hassle to manage these non-core activities, distracts you from focusing on your core business activities.

The importance of documents and records management cannot be overstated. The manner in which your valuable documents and records are filed, digitized, organized and retrieved will bring a huge impact to your company's profitability and efficiency, and it is important to have and maintain a good record-keeping management with a designated records manager like Pos Solutions.

Pos Solutions fully understands the requirements of our customers to have a secured and easy document management system. Our end-to-end records management services and solutions, and the strength of Pos Malaysia's delivery network will empower your company by managing your valuable information, increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Save time

  • We hold a complete inventory of your records
  • We provide an accurate, fast, and easy retrieval and delivery method for your records
  • You are in control of the people that have access to your confidential records
  • Records Management Services is a secure and safe facility for storage of your vital company documents

Save money

  • We help lower the cost of managing your inactive records
  • By using our services you will free up expensive office space to utilize it for better, profitable use
  • Our facility is far more secure, and less expensive than public storage

Secure your information

You are in control of the people that have access to your confidential records.
Secure and safe storage facility for your vital company documents

Types of services:

On site digitization

  • Scanning and indexing of any type of documents at the client's premises.
    Physical documents stored at Pos Solutions warehouse.

Off-site digitization

  • Client's documents are brought to Pos Solutions warehouse for scanning and indexing.
    Physical documents will be stored at Pos Solutions warehouse.

Digitization methods:

Document Conversion

  • Pos Solutions provides digitization service for Disaster Recovery and backup purposes. Digital images can be stored onto a CD/DVD or Pos Solutions repository for client's retrieval.

Data Capture

  • Provide automation and high accuracy of data extraction for client's reporting or management decision making purposes. Data will be sent directly to the client's server using Digital Certificate and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.

Digital Archival methods:

Secure Digital Record Repository

Our secured repository stores all your scanned images in a systematic manner for your ease of digital retrieval. This service provides clients with faster retrieval at their convenience without having to search for the physical document. Access is restricted to certain authorized users only that subscribes to our RMS and DMS services as a package.

Subscription to Digital Record Repository

A license subscription based service to allow clients' personnel to access to the scanned image library systematically indexed for ease of retrieval, download or print.

Record Management Services

  • Physical Document packing and Inventory list preparation

Pos Solutions provide resources to the client's premises to do the packing of records into Pos Solutions standard boxes and indexing. The inventory list will be uploaded into the RMS system for ease of customer's retrieval request.

Pick-up using Pos Malaysia's own fleet

Pos Malaysia has the widest network coverage nationwide. Our owned linehauls, trucks and vans travels 24/7.

Archive Physical Records using International Standards

Pos Solutions warehouse complies to strict warehouse standards approved by National Archive and tracking systems which compliant to International Standards. Our tier-4 parameter security consist of 24/7 Auxiliary Police, CCTV, Biometric access, motion detectors, protection against fire and heat detectors are installed at our warehouse. Regular pest control treatment is periodically scheduled at the warehouse.

Fumigation treatment to restore records for longer retention period

Pos Solutions Fumigation Treatment is a specialized treatment for certain document/paper type to restore the quality of the paper for a longer retention period. Fumigation process is approved by National Archive standard practices.

Retrieval of Physical Records

Pos Solutions retrieval process can be customized to the clients needs based on urgency. The standard retrieval services however include the following:

  1. same day delivery;
  2. next day delivery;
  3. self-retrieval. Pos Solutions also provide the convenience of document sighting by the client's authorized personnel or auditors in complete privacy at customer's visitation room.

Online system

Electronic access for easy monitoring and audit enquiry is provided to authorized customers only.

Secured document destruction service

Our systems are equipped with destruction tracking function. Customers will be notified of the destruction due date prior to the actual destruction. Our destruction process is conducted in enclosed and secured room using cross-shred method for security reasons. A certificate of destruction will be provided to clients for record purposes.

Performance report

Pos Solutions provides performance report to authorized clients for billing, audit or record purposes.

Benefits to Customer

Document Management Services

  • One-click information management (to increase productivity and efficiency)
  • By outsourcing, you can reduce the cost of making copies of your documents
  • You do not need additional office space for filing
  • With Electronic Data, you can Reduce the risk of losing data with backup and Disaster Recovery
  • The path towards knowledge management

Record Management Services

  • Dedicated team to perform packing and pick-up at your premise
  • Secured transportation equipped with GPRS tracking
  • Carton movement tracking from collection to storage using mobile scanning devices
  • Standard design and sized cartons
  • Cartons are arranged on racks at random for security purposes
  • Security barcode on cartons for identification and recognition
  • Document storage are monitored by CCTV and Auxiliary Police 24x7
  • Access controlled with biometric system
  • Climate control and fumigation allow long term preservation of physical documents
  • Fire-rated walls & early heat detection system
  • Stringent operation procedures automated by computerized system for enforced security

If you would like to learn more about Pos Solutions or a presentation of our end-to-end services, please contact us at: admin_tos@pos.com.my